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Career Bucket List

January 04, 2015

This is the time when people set their goals, do vision boards, and make lists. Some call them To Do lists. Some Bucket Lists.

This year I plan to cut down on refined sugar and substitute high sugar foods like potatoes with low sugar impact foods like cauliflower. Sounds exciting, huh?

My Master Mind group which meets monthly to help each other out with marketing and business decisions came up with the idea of doing a bucket list for our careers. For instance, if you're a picture book author who secretly wishes she could write a smoldering romance book, then that would go on the Career Bucket List. 

Here are a few of the items that I'll share at our next Master Mind meeting:

Finish biography on Wire Lady.

Clean up my pre-teen novel and either submit it or self-publish it.

Present such novel to cosmetic firm for tie-in promotion.

Turn a rhyming story into a tall tale.

Develop a character that could be made into a plush toy.

Do you have any Career Bucket List items you'd like to share?


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