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Book Review: Happy Mamas

August 29, 2016

Kathleen T. Pelley's new book, Happy Mamas (CWLA Press, 2016), is a delightful read aloud that follows animal and human mothers and their babies from dawn to bedtime. Child readers will learn a bit about animals and be exposed to children of different ethnic groups making this book a universally appealing read. 

I loved Pelley's use of lyrical language, especially the illiteration and onomatopoeia that dances on the tongue. It makes you feel like you're smiling while you're reading! 

Ruth E. Harper who is the illustrator for The Kissing Hand illustrated this book. Personally, I like her animals better than humans, but art is subjective, so you might disagree. But she does take care in including children of various skin colors. (For consistency I would have liked to have seen mothers depicted in each of the portrait pages that end each section.) 

Happy Mamas would make a great Mother's Day or baby shower gift.




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