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Are you Wild Inside?

September 23, 2016

The illustrator who did the graphics for my book, Fresh Snow!, has a new board book out called Wild Inside. It was commissioned by the Rocky Mountain Conservancy to introduce young readers to the animals found in Rocky Mountain National Park. Shaundra Schultz's animals are bold and colorful while the text uses action words like leap, scurry, and pounce.

The Conservancy's aim is to help educate kids about Rocky Mountain National Park and to inspire the future stewards of wildlife and protected park lands. Since tomorrow is free admission day at the parks, why not go up to Rocky Mountain and stop by their gift store to pick up a copy of Wild Inside ($8.95). Dan and I are heading up there to see the aspen leaves turning yellow and to hear the bugling of the elk. We're a little wild inside, too!

For Fort Collins folks, Shaudra Schulz has copies to sell. You can reach her at

Sorry! Not giving away a copy. I'm keeping this one for myself and a I got one for a toddler in the family. Lucky kid!


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