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Celebration of Amy Krouse Rosenthal's Life April 29 Update

April 26, 2017

This Saturday, authors and bookstores around the country will be celebrating the joyous life and books of Amy Krouse Rosenthal. She passed away in March of ovarian cancer and since then there has been an outpouring of love for her. A Facebook group #MoreforAKR was started online by author Kirby Larson. Anyone is welcome to join.

"This group was created to celebrate the birthday and, sadly, the memory, of the effervescent and hopeful writer Amy Krouse Rosenthal. On April 29, 2017, the members of this group will do more -- more kindness, love, more fill-in-the-blank and will share their intentions/actions here to beckon the lovely to spring forth in others. Because who doesn't need a yellow umbrella once in a while?"

To join the celebration, I will read I Wish You More at Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins, Colorado as part of Independent Bookstore Day. Plus it's poetry month so I'll also be reading The Night Before Mother's Day. Fellow author Karla Oceanak will also be doing a reading, so there's lots to celebrate! The event is free.

If you are not able to attend an Amy Krouse Rosenthal celebration near you, then take a moment to read one of her lovely children's books. Or buy one from your local independent bookstore and pay it forward by giving it to a child or stranger passing by. It'll be sure to brighten their day like a yellow umbrella brightens a rainy day!

To learn more about Amy, go to her website. It's super fun! She has written books for grown ups, too. 



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Here's a yellow umbrella card to fill in with your wishes for more. 

My wish is: I wish you more books than shelves.

UPDATE: Karla and I reading at Old Firehouse Books April 29, 2017.




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