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Goodnight Unicorn

May 10, 2017

Karla Oceanak and I recently read our books at Old Firehouse Books's storytime and I want to tell you, the kids loved Karla's story! I wanted to share the book with you in case you haven't heard of it. It's a parody of Goodnight Moon and is super clever. It's Goodnight Unicorn. If you or your child is a unicorn lover, this is perfect! You'll love how the art looks like Goodnight Moon.

Here's the story description:

As night falls in the enchanted forest, the unicorns and their friends gather to get ready for bed. Say goodnight to all the types of unicorns — the pearly-whites, the foals, the oldens, the fluffies, the jet-blacks, the cuties, and more — as well as the wonderful beings who attend them, from rainbows and fairies to baby dragons and, of course, the full moon.

Readers who've always wondered about unicorn habits, what a group of unicorns is called, and other mysteries will also be captivated by the fun unicorn facts that follow the story.

It's a magical, fantasy bedtime story for unicorn lovers young and young-at-heart! Grown-up fans of My Little Pony, The Last Unicorn
, and Lisa Frank will treasure this book just as much as the new generation of unicornophiles! (I didn't know there was such a thing!)

"For all those little lords and ladies who adore unicorns, this book is the bedtime story for them! The illustrations are top-notch and beautifully colored. The prose is perfect. Highly recommended." — The Children's Book Review

It'd be fun to get both books and read them together for comparison. 

Here's the link to Goodnight Moon.

And here's the link to Goodnight Unicorn. Enjoy! And have a magical bedtime!

Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins, CO also carries it in support of a local author.


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