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Missing Barb

July 27, 2017

My writer buddy, Barb, came to visit with her husband and dog for a few hours on her way to Boulder. We talked about our new writing schedules now that we live in new states (she in Oregon and me in Colorado). We showed each other our advanced copies of new books coming out in 2018. And after she left I realized how much I missed her and my old writers group!

Barbara Kerley, Mary Nethery and I met every other week. We were laser-sharp critiquers and good friends. We talked each other through the slow times and celebrated the manuscript sales and awards. We made each other better writers and promoters, and I'm proud to say that I have contributed to award-winning books! 

One of my favorite books of Barb's is What to do About Alice? If you're a narrative nonfiction writer, I encourage you to check out her books as examples of excellent writing. Barb was the one who gave me the breakthrough moment when I was revising When Jackie Saved Grand Central so I'll be forever thankful to her since that's a story I'm especially proud of. 
Speaking of pride, here's Barb's newest book. It's about kids whose parents have been deported and helps start the discussion of bravery. 

Miss you, Barb!

Barb's new book!



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