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Saltwater Sillies Kickstarter Campaign

September 06, 2019

I'm launching a Kickstarter campaign on Sunday, Sept. 15 to raise money to pay the illustrator and print books. I didn't want a typical joke book where it's just a list of jokes one after the other. I wanted to add in ocean facts, and full page illustrations for visual humor. Plus I want to give my friends and fans a chance to be in my book by being the subject of an ocean-dwelling caricature that will then be used inside the book! So if you ever wanted to be a shark, lobster or pirate, here's your chance.

Artist Stan Yan will be illustrating the book. That's his cover design! And he'll be the one drawing the caricatures. Stan is a fellow Coloradoan so it feels good to support a local.

I am also self-publishing so that I can support an organization that champions for ocean health. Inland Ocean Coalition recognizes that even though you don't live by a beach, your trash and chemicals can still make it to the ocean and pollute it. Since the theme of my jokes are about the ocean, I felt that this is one way to give back to the earth. 

On September 15th I will go live with the Saltwater Sillies Kickstarter campaign, so stay Neptuned.

Here's the link so you can sign up to be notified. 

Thank you for your support. I can't wait to send you a signed copy so you can share 300+ jokes with family and friends.




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