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Vintage Valentines

January 30, 2020

Since I was born in February, I have always gravitated toward heart shapes and the colors red and pink.

I have pjs with Sweetheart graphics on them. I have a felt beanbag paperweight on my desk with a heart sewn on it.  And I pick up heart-shaped rocks whenever I find them.

My husband and I go to estate sales and at one in Fort Collins, I came upon boxes of vintage Valentine’s Day cards, some so naively silly, some with moving parts. Each Valentine’s Day I pick one out to give my husband. The special ones are lined up on the bookshelves in my home office, serving as cheerful inspirations.  Here are a few of my finds. I realize how un-pc they are nowadays, but I still enjoy them for their graphic design and clever sayings, and as a snapshot of days gone by. 



My love for Valentine’s Day is why one particular Night Before is a favorite of mine – The Night Before Valentine’s Day. There are hearts everywhere in the drawings in that book! And the kids make silly cards to give each other at school. Plus the principal is dressed up like Cupid.

Then, when Bagel In Love was published, my publisher printed up sheets of fun Valentine’s Day cards and stickers. I was over the moon!

What's you favorite Valentine's Day saying?



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