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Books about Election Day

March 12, 2020

With the presidential election coming up in November, I've been reading books that help kids understand the election process. It's kind of a BIG topic, and even I have trouble keeping straight the different branches of government. (Since the 2016 election, I have certainly learned much more than I probably wanted to know, but am glad I do now.) So how can you explain to a young child what  voting and elections are?

I found this book that just came out in January called I Voted: Making A Choice Makes a Difference by Mark Shulman and Serge Bloch. I thought it was a simple and clever way to explain the concept of voting by showing kids make choices between every day things like class pets and sweets. I have to admit that some illustrations made me cringe, like the kid about to smash his head on the pool deck after flying off a trampoline (parents nightmare) -  I wonder who allowed that to be used - but I like that Bloch added some adult humor to the talk bubbles in his drawings. Anyway, the good message is that voting is a choice and people getting together to vote make a difference in what's chosen. The endnotes helped me understand how our governement works and gives steps a kid can do to vote when they turn 18. But for now, the book encourages kids to make sure their adults vote on Election Day.  

I've got a new Night Before book coming out June 9 on the same topic. The Night Before Election Day is about a young citizen who gives her take on politics and her view of Election Day when a family attends pre-election gatherings and goes to the polls. That night they await the election results. This book comes with a sheet of I Voted stickers. Available for pre-order (although I wish it could be released earlier!).


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