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Free Lessons In Back Matter

March 22, 2020

This is a friendly reminder for parents and teachers looking for ways to entertain kids at home that you have lessons and activities free and at your fingertips in the books on your shelves right now. It's called back matter, the information that's included after the story. Back matter includes things like deeper information about the story's topic, time lines, glossaries, further reading suggestions, craft ideas and recipes. 

For instance, in An Eye for Color, the backmatter includes a color wheel, color glossary and activities. If you already have this book on your shelf, now's the time to revisit it for things to do with your kids and students. 

My cultural diversity book, Jalapeño Bagels, contains a glossary and recipes. Make some chango bars to share while reading the book and discussing your own culural heritage.

So take a look at your own library of books at home and see what other books have back matter you can use to create a learning experience for your kids. 

If there are any books in particular you would like to recommend to others, please share the title below in the comments. 


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