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Vintage Easter photos

March 19, 2021

I love vintage photos, especially if they are black-and-white and a bit odd. I found these at an antique store in Eureka, California, and some at an estate sale in Fort Collins, Colorado. I imagine what the family was thinking when they took the photos, and what the subjects were told how to pose. Here are some of my favorite Easter ones. 

I added the caption to this one because I couldn't tell if this little boy was elated or mad about his stuffed rabbits.

Look how big this rabbit is! And the girl has pussywillows sticking out of her dress.

These kids are wearing their Easter best while hunting for eggs.

And here's my mom, sister and me wearing our Easter best.

Happy Easter, everyone!

If you have vintage Easter photos, I would love to see them. You can post them on my Face Book page


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