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Happy National Pet Month

May 01, 2020

May is National Pet Month - the time to celebrate our furry friends!

With all of us enduring the stay-at-home orders, our pets are sure loving having their house pals around! They have provided comfort and entertainment and are the true front-line heroes. Pet adoptions are up as people are looking for company while staying inside. (I've had three friends on Facebook adopt dogs.)

Our cat, Purrsia, will be turning 10 in July. We got her from a shelter when she was about 3 years old. She has a sweet personality and was rated "sidekick" by the staff - and she sure is! She loves hanging out with us and following us around the house. Her favorite toy is string. She has quite the imagination, playing tag with leaves in the backyard. Purria is quite the talker, too! We've heard her say, "hello" in the early mornings when she wants us to wake up. 

Students ask me if Purrsia has ever been a character in a book. I haven't written about her directly, but she was inspiration for the family in The Night Before the New Pet to get a puppy AND a kitten. Artist Amy Wummer drew a cat that doesn't look like Purrsia, but my cat is just fine with remaining out of the spotlight. 

Her favorite spots to sit are on my husband's lap or on my laptop (because, warm!).

Do you have a furry friend you want to celebrate?

Post a photo in the comments below or on my author Facebook page. And give your furry friend an extra big hug today.


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