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Summer-themed Books

July 02, 2020

This summer might not be what we were all envisioning - camping, vacations, summer camp, barbecues and potlucks, but thankfully books can still take us there in our imaginations. Here are my summer-themed books:

A boy is nervous about going to summer camp but then finds out the camp counselor is nervous too! They form a friendship and everyone enjoys some summer fun.

Buy The Night Before Summer Camp

A family packs for a camping trip, bringing more than they need of course! Except they forget one important thing and have to turn around. 

Buy The Night Before Summer Vacation

Does your child celebrate a birthday during the summer? You can read him or her this story before the ice cream melts! (Not gender specific)

Buy The Night Before My Birthday

Wish you were lounging on a blanket on the beach? Here are 300 seaside jokes that will transport you to your favorite beach resort. 

Buy Saltwater Sillies

The great thing about these books is that you can sneak in a little learning along with the laughter to keep your child's reading skills polished. 

Enjoy your summer, however it might look like this year!



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