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Female & Funny

February 24, 2021

Thinking of writing funny stories for kids? Here are great tips from female children's writers and illustrators on where they get their inspirations for their funny books, from their fathers to kids cartoons.  Here's the link

One of the featured author/illustators is Julie Rowan-Zoch who happens to be a friend and the regional advisor for the SCBWI group that meets in Fort Collins, CO. I'm a Hare, So There! is her debut picture book that she both wrote and illustrated. It's a play on mis-dentity. Check it out when it's released March 16.

I'm a pun girl myself. I love play on words and twisting meanings which is what I did in Bagel in Love. The puns in this book are based on baked goods, which then led to writing a joke book about food called Lettuce Laugh. And boy, could we use a laugh these days!

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