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Why I Included Easter in My New Book

June 20, 2021

The proof of my new children’s chapter book arrived and I’m thrilled with how it turned out! The actual release date is January 2, 2022 but until then enjoy the second installment of the journeys both the illustrator and I took to create The Legend of Lop-eared Larry.

Why Easter is Part of My Story

As I mentioned in the last post, my first stuffed toy was a rabbit, Boing Boing. When I was four I remember going to the store with my mother to pick out toys for my birthday. I picked out a white bear with red ears and feet that I named Billy Bear, and a pink bunny with a pink hat that I named Easter Bunny. I was the kind of kid who was excited to start school so I’d play teacher with my stuffed animals. I’d line them up including Boing Boing, Billy Bear, and Easter Bunny in front of my board and show them how to count and recite the letters of the alphabet.

Easter was one of my favorite holidays. I was so proud when I could dye my eggs with different color stripes. When we got older, my Russian grandmother showed us how to make Ukrainian Easter eggs. I attempted a few, but they were so challenging! I do still have some that I keep out all year long in this basket because they are so pretty.

Our mother used to make bunny prints to our baskets by dipping her fingertips in flour and stamping the prints across the tabletop. Evidence that the Easter Bunny was really there! On Easter we’d dress up in our Sunday’s best and go to church. (That’s my baby sister, Nina, below.) 

I still have my childhood Easter basket, and yes, I put it out each year hoping for a chocolate bunny. When I was a kid, I only wanted a white chocolate bunny, but now I’ve broadened my palette to include milk chocolate.

In The Legend of Lop-eared Larry I wanted to include the Easter Bunny and show how the rabbits of Hare Hollow celebrate after he returns from delivering eggs. I imagined there would be a village-wide party and at the center of it would be a giant carrot cake for all to share. (Psst. There’s a carrot cake recipe in my book as well.)

The Legend of Lop-eared Larry will be officially released January 2 for Easter 2022. But if you want to be notified of the pre-release sale, send me an email to: with the subject line: Larry Book, and I’ll put you on the list. Thanks as always for your support. Can’t wait for you to read it!


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