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Why Brittany Wanted to Illustrate the Book

August 22, 2021

The proof of my new children’s chapter book arrived and I’m thrilled with how it turned out! The actual release date is January 2, 2022 so until then enjoy the fifth installment of the book's journey and the illustrator's creation of The Legend of Lop-eared Larry.

In Brittany's words:

I have always loved little critters and creatures ever since I was a kid. My mother always encouraged us to read and I loved the story of Peter Rabbit. My brother had a baby blanket of Peter Rabbit that was cross-stitched for him and I would always steal his blanket because I loved the character. Real rabbits weren’t a part of my life until college. I adopted a Holland lop on an impulse and I fell in love with him. He became my best friend when times were hard or when I felt alone.

Lil Zacky was the spice that I needed, the muse I always wanted. Having him helped me figure out my path to children’s book illustration. I wanted to draw things that were disugstingly cute and that made you go awww. I went bunny crazy, drawing them, and it just sort of became a part of my personality and art style. I live for cuteness, and rabbits are at the heart of it (and my dog).

When Natasha approached me about this project, it had to be fate. This was my gig, the project I didn’t know I needed to do. I. Was. So. Fricking. Excited. I wanted to make this project something I would be happy to show people or see on a bookshelf in a library or in a kid's hand. I was hooked and the story made it that much sweeter.  

The Legend of Lop-eared Larry will be officially released January 2 for Easter 2022. But if you want to be notified of the pre-release sale, send an email to: and I’ll put you on the list. Thanks as always for your support. Can’t wait for you to read it!

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