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Endorsements for my new book

November 05, 2021

I am so honored that these three people endorsed my book, The Story of Eliza Hamilton. You might recognize a few of their names.

Beth Anderson is an award-winning non-fiction children's writer. (I just finished reading her new book, Tad Lincoln's Restless Wriggle, and I recommend it for a kid-friendly look at President Lincoln and his son's relationship.)

Here's what Beth said:
“Eliza Hamilton, a Founding Mother, is a great addition to the Biographies for New Readers. With plenty of context, academic vocabulary, graphics, illustrations, maps, and opportunities for readers to connect, her story will fill in an often-missing side of the revolutionary era and support social studies content for native English speakers as well as English language learners.” 
Beth Anderson, children’s author and former educator

Teresa Funke is an historical fiction writer of WWII stories and also has mentored many a writer during her long career of 30 years. She has also written a book for adults called Bursts of Brilliance which is...brilliant!

Here's what Teresa said:
“This book introduces young readers to Eliza Hamilton, a highly skilled, intelligent, compassionate, creative woman who assisted her statesman husband, helped start an orphanage and a free school, advocated for children, raised funds for the Washington Monument and more, all while running a large household and raising nine children. This biography provides new students of history with an inspiring role model and a broader view of what defines a hero of the American Revolution.” —Teresa R. Funke, historian and author of the Home-Front Heroes books for young readers

I'm doing little happy taps over this next endorser. Kimberly Watson is the president and CEO of Graham Windham which is the family services organization that evolved from Eliza Hamilton's orphanage in NYC. I sent her a book crossing all my fingers and toes that she would like it since there is a whole section about the orphanage.

Here's what Kimberly said: 
“This book does a great job of bringing Eliza Hamilton’s story to new readers. In a clear and accessible way, it covers everything from her childhood in upstate New York and her time as Alexander’s wife to her many philanthropic endeavors—including her role in founding the first private orphanage in New York City (my favorite part). Natasha Wing gives Eliza’s life historical context, utilizing simple timelines and maps to keep readers oriented and posing questions so that readers can self-reflect. Great for any young fan of Eliza who is ready for a short chapter book and a good resource for classrooms.” —Kimberly Watson, president & CEO of Graham Windham

Please post your own review on Amazon or your favorite social media site. Order your book here. I would mean so much to me. Thank you!



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