Loaded with Classroom Themes

This non-fiction book taps on numerous themes and would make for an excellent library or classroom resource.

Themes include: First Ladies, Women's History Month, Supreme Court, Transportation, Architecture, Preservation, New York Landmarks and Activism.

Starred Kirkus Review:

"...it's an inspiring historical episode that also makes a strong case for the general value of preserving our country's architectural treasures."

Starred Booklist Review:

"Activism, architecture, history and a glamorous first lady all come together in this historical vignette with the underlying theme that landmarks are to be saved for the people, not destroyed for profit. In sum, an offering as charming as it is informative."

Jackie on the Landmark Express to Washington, D.C. 

Learn more about Grand Central with this 100th Anniversary book.

Another woman activist book also illustrated by Alexandra Boiger.

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