Funny Fish jokes plus more!

A boatload of ocean-themed jokes, fun ocean facts plus kooky caricatures that kids can color in.

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Some of the proceeds from book sales will be donated to Inland Ocean Coalition.

Here's what one 5-star Amazon review had to say:

"I've always been amazed by people who can write jokes. And when my kids were little, they loved joke books. I was chatting with a teacher friend of mine about how using jokes in the classroom really lighten things up. So I gave him some of Natasha Wing's other joke books. I'll give him this one, too. The illustrations and layout of the book are superb, but what I like best is, like any good Disney movie or book for kids, some of the jokes will seem even funnier to the parent or teacher than they do to the kids. This book, in other words, is not just great for children, it's great for anyone who likes to laugh."

And here's what Reciprocity store owner, Rebecca Ahrensfeld, said:

"We have carried Saltwater Sillies since we opened the shoppe on Cape Cod! It is a perennial favorite!! So refreshing to see families still enjoying a joke book and this one is whimsical and so fun! Perfect for the end of a beach day or a ride in the car."

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