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Women's History Month Spotlight: Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy

March 03, 2021

It took a strong woman to stand up to the Supreme Court, and that's just what Jackie Kennedy Onassis did to help save Grand Central Terminal from being torn down. Typically a quiet woman, Jackie couldn't stand by and watch a favorite landmark in New York City be mutilated.

In the name of preservation, she joined with the city's historical organization and lead the protestors in a court battle that ended in the Supreme Court. Because of her willingness to stand up for what she loved, New York City's iconic train station still stands and serves as a gathering place for New Yorkers, and a welcoming portal for tourists to the city that never sleeps. 

Jackie and a group of supporters took a train from NYC to Washington, D.C. on what they called the Landmark Express, to raise awareness for their cause.

When I was researching this book, I visited the terminal and took photos. The blue ceiling was breath taking!

Illustrator Alexandra Boiger also visited Grand Central. Here she is along with a sketch she drew of the interior.

When Jackie Saved Grand Central is full of classroom themes and is a story that appeals to both kids and adults - especially Jackie fans and train buffs! Themes include: First Ladies, Supreme Court, Women's History Month, Transportation, Historic Preservation and American Landmarks. For more information and reviews, plus suggested book pairings, go to this page on my blog.

Since this book came out, you can visit a foyer at Grand Central Terminal that celebrates Jackie and her fight to save Grand Central. 

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